Miss El Dorado County Pageant 2018.

Lexi, Jr. Miss and myself before our final walk.

Hi friends!

This past week, I had the honor and privilege of passing down the crown to the next Miss El Dorado County!

What a journey it has been the last two years during my reign as Miss El Dorado County! It has been an honor to represent our county and serve as a mentor to young girls through this role. I have learned about true beauty and the importance of a gentle and quiet spirit. I also learned to embrace the beauty of being a woman…a princess to the King of Kings! This role came with a worldly crown and place of position, and yet it gave me just a glimpse of the beauty that is found in the fact that I am crowned with God’s favor!

Getting ready!
Jamie, our AMAZING pageant director.

Each of the girls that participated were such gems! They worked together… encouraged one another to be courageaous… And made friendships with one another that will last a lifetime! I am so proud of each of them and can’t wait to see where life takes them.

Kayla, one of the amazing contestants and first runner up for Miss Teen EDC
Group hug!

The new 2018 Miss El Dorado County, Emily! I couldn’t be more proud to pass down the crown to her. Emily is poised and grace-filled…she carries with her a spirit of humility and kindness and she will represent our county so beautifully!

The new, 2018 Miss El Dorado County, Emily❤️[[[[[[[[
Mama❤️ Because you taught me how to sparkle and shine the light and love of Jesus!

Thank you, El Dorado County for the amazing journey and honor of representing you! It will be a journey never forgotten…

7 thoughts on “Miss El Dorado County Pageant 2018.

  1. Stacey Rogers

    Oh, how I love you and am so thankful everyday that God gave you to me as my daughter, my best friend and my sister in Christ ♥️😘 so proud of you.💐

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  2. Emily Costa

    I just saw this today. I am so thankful to have such an incredible Godly young lady in my life! Being your sucessor is a tough role to follow. You have been the greatest example of humility through your conduct and encouraging words to me and the other girls. Thank you! ❤


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