The Weekly.

Good Morning, Lovely~




I hope you are loving this beautiful fall as much as I am. The cooler mornings, the crunchy leaves, the changing of seasons and the lesson of the trees showing us how lovely it is to let go. 



It’s been a while since we talked…the past few weeks have held a lot to contemplate, a lot to grieve through in letting go of certain plans and submitting to God’s best plans, and walking in faith when uncertainty feels overwhelming. 

Maybe you can relate….this season has left me feeling a little or maybe a whole lot vulnerable and violated. I read these words penned within my journal across the top noted, “4/2020: The Intruders” and I can’t help but find myself relating to these words today…

The Intruders…

They are here. 

They’ve come to take. 

They’ve come to violate. 

They’ve come to take innocence and leave guilt and shame. 

The Intruders have come. 

They tried to take my Hope. 

They tried to take my innocence. 

They tried to steal my joy. 

They tried to steal my purpose. 

They tried to steal my feeling. 

They tried to violate my life, my story. 

The Intruders have come. 

They took opportunities. 

They took my time and my resources. 

They took my strength…

But Only For A Moment 

The Intruders…

They could not take what they did not have access to.

They came to take, but these wounds of loss are now my story of VICTORY. 

The intruders have come. 

And yet I remain, strong and satisfied in my God. 

So maybe in this season, you too feel a bit undone, a bit violated and vulnerable to the angry world around you or maybe the angry world within you. And as I was wrestling with such feelings this week, the words….But Only For A Moment….those words that reminded me of that eternal perspective….that when the world tries to shame me and devalue me, He calls me Chosen, Holy and Beloved…that His innocent blood covers my guilt and shame and restores me to wholeness…that what the world so desperately tries to take from me, those losses become my story of His glory- victory. And most importantly, the intruders…whomever they may be…they don’t have access to the greatest thing of all…the fact that I am a Child of God. 

In an angry world, my soul feels a bit worn, a bit undone, a bit weary of fighting…But Only For A Moment….For I will remain strong and satisfied in my God because He is enough.

Career Adventures & Life Learning:

*Next week’s post will bring life updates on the job status and some other changes approaching in the months ahead. It is with fear and trembling that I step into this next season, believing God has a purpose in all things and practicing the art of giving thanks. More to come soon…


*Bought my first pair of FIGS Scrubs and I could not be happier! Oh my goodness…so soft, perfectly fitted and the cutest addition to my nurse wardrobe. 


*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Charcoal Bar Soap– I started using this bar soap from Young Living about a year ago when I started noticing skin irritation from other name brand soaps…itchy, dry, rashes. When I made the switch to this charcoal bar soap, the skin irritations cleared up and I had noticeably softer and more moisturized skin! A single bar of this soap lasts forever too, so it’s worth every penny!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

8 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Carol Sorgea

    So good to hear from you precious one! God’s potters wheel can leave us feeling undone for sure. So many, if not most can relate during these trying, chaotic times. Thank you for always being so open and real, it brings such encouragement for others to do the same, knowing that others are feeling vulnerable right now too. There is ministry in the journey to our destination. Love you my friend and would love to connect when your schedule allows!♥️

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  2. As I sit here and read your beautiful words with tear filled eyes, I couldn’t be more proud of the walk you’ve walked. So blessed by you in this very moment where you are choosing to step out, boldly and vulnerably to share your heart, your wrestle and your true hope. I so want ALL of God’s best for you and for you to experience the fullness of His joy even when He answers differently than we expect. So proud of your courage to persevere and to continue to seek His heart for you even when it feels like we’re swimming up stream in a culture full of anger and compromise. Keep on keepin’ on….”it’s only for a moment in time!”
    All for His Glory. Love you to the moon and back 💞

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  3. Kristine

    Such powerful words. The heaviness of the world can feel so overwhelming at times, a fear, all consuming, telling us that nothing will ever be ok….but then God in his goodness shines a light of hope and reminds us that he is in control. Thank you for the reminder that this is only for a moment! Those words are shifting my perspective back to Jesus and his eternal glory. As always, you are a blessing and so grateful for you!

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