Essential Oils

Essential Oils. What are they and what is all the rage behind these sensational products that seem to be taking the health and wellness world by storm?


Essential Oils are amazing products that have changed my way of life! I started using oils about 4 years ago, mostly to use within my birth doula business, but I quickly fell in love with them and realized that I needed them for all areas of my life. I began my journey with a thorough investigation of all the oil world had to offer. There are so many different brands, it can be hard to discern quality and effectiveness. Because I was looking to use these products on my doula clients, I had to be sure that what I was using was high-quality and that it would not bring any harm to my clients. After about a year of research, I decided to become a part of the Young Living Essential Oil community!


Young Living Essential Oils, as a company has a seed to seal promise that they stand by whole-heartedly and because of that, I stand behind their efforts 100%. I have now been using their products for over 3 years, seeing proven results with my doula clients, my family and my own body as well. These oils have changed my families mindset about how we approach health and wellness. No longer do we ask for the Advil bottle when we have a headache, instead we reach for peppermint oil to apply to our temples. This switch has made our bodies stronger and more able to approach life with a healthier and happier perspective!

Whether you’re a mom of littles, a young adult who is seeking out health and wellness options, a pregnant mama, or anywhere in between, OILS ARE FOR YOU! I would love to share more of my oil journey with you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me or follow the link below to get started on your Young Living journey.

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