Monday Must-Haves.

Happy Monday! Coffee and Connection with my Mama💕[[[[
Hi Friends~ Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready to embrace a new week!

Academic Tidbits…//

*I am currently working on my thesis for my Bachelors degree and am building my project upon the theory of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. My project begs the question, ‘What is it that we all really need in life?’. My research has concluded that the majority of society is craving the same thing and yet we keep moving further and further away from it. This one thing stands to be meaningful, vulnerable connection.

*Social Scientist, Brene Brown found in her research on the human condition, that vulnerable connection gives purpose and meaning to life. Only those who have a strong sense of love and belongingness, have the potential to cultivate this vulnerable connection.

*In a world that screams the need to perfect the imperfect, make certain that which is uncertain, and numb that which fails to meet the expectations placed on us, how do we embrace vulnerable connection?

We must let ourselves be seen. We must love with our whole hearts, with no guarantee. We must practice GRATITUDE and JOY and believe that we are enough. We have to stop screaming and start listening.

I’ve Got My Eye On…//

*Love this foldover crossbody bag….comes in black and brown cognac and is versatile for every season!

*This blue floral dress is perfect for summer and is SUPER comfy! ….AND it’s on sale right now for under $20!

*Are you looking for the perfect swimsuit coverup? You can end your search here…follow the link to an adorable swimsuit coverup that will put a swing in your step! It’s on SALE too!

*Internet Inspiration…//

*This….This is vulnerable connection at a whole other level! This man, at a 101-years old is volunteering and serving the needy with meals. He embraces vulnerable connection and serves as an inspiration to many.

*Amazing People…this man embraces vulnerable connection, and gives the homeless a home and a purpose in life!

*How this Kindergarten class shares kindness and helps a non-verbal student find his voice.


*Finished my genetics course! One of my favorite courses thus far as it gave me a whole new perspective on human health. I hope to incorporate the theories learned in this class, into my work as a nurse and in future research projects.

*Excited and blessed to get to lead worship this Sunday with the one who inspired me and gave me wings to fly! Can’t wait to see God move and am humbled to get to participate in the experience of worship…

*Discovering new ways to embrace vulnerable connection…love the unlovely…and practice gratitude and joy. Embracing misty mornings at the lake, picnics with pink flowers and coffee and quiet moments…

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