Why I Am A Big.

Our little man!

Hi Friends-

I wanted to share a bit about my journey with being a “Big mentor” through Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization (BBBS) and what this opportunity has brought to me…

It began four years ago when I sought out a mentoring opportunity for my brother and I to be a part of in the community. Our search for such an opportunity lead us to BBBS where we were matched with a 4 year old child and began our interactions. I can still remember the day…. we sat at the picnic tables at the public school and extended a hand of friendship to an unlikely little boy. Our interactions each week began in the classroom where we learned to love his crazy, curly hair, his love for all things Spider-Man and his passion and excitement for life. Our little had been shunned- shut-out by his parents and shut-up by the world around him….it was our job to give him a voice…to reignite a passion…and to remind him that he is worthy of love and belonging.

Hand in hand….friendships that will last a lifetime

Today, our interactions remain and we have had the pleasure of welcoming our little guy into family events, daily routines and the simple joys of life! To watch his face light up when he has ice cream in hand at a soccer game… to watch him eat-up three pancakes at the firehouse breakfast…to watch him learn to read and overcome his struggles with academics…to watch him make friends and behave in a way that welcomes others into his space, sharing love and kindness…and to watch him melt our hearts and really give US the gift….it truly gives perspective to life! It’s funny how you expect to give more than you will receive in a mentorship relationship, but oh, how this little guy has taught us to laugh, to embrace the moment and to see purpose and passion in lives that seem unlikely. He has truly given US the gift. Thank you, little man for teaching us so much more than we could ever give…you inspire me to be a better person!

At the game!

**If you’re interested in becoming a BIG and changing a life…and having your life changed, you can do so here! Here’s to changing the world, one BIG and LITTLE at a time!**

4 thoughts on “Why I Am A Big.

  1. Carol Sorgea

    What a beautiful thing to give hope, love and friendship to a “little”. His life (and yours) is forever changed because of it! Thank you for sharing this piece of your journey, very inspiring!💕

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