Officially a College Graduate.

PC: The Fabulous Jenny Hartman!
Well friends, it’s official, I am a college graduate! It has been quite a journey, with long study sessions, hundreds of flash cards, 49 credits in 6 months, and a whole lot of Clarity and Stress Away essential oil. But I made it and now have my Bachelors degree in Psychology!

My sweet friend, Jenny Hartman and I went on a little adventure to capture the excitement of this season….to sit in the sunshine, to look beyond the lens and dream about the future, to laugh at the simple things, and to reflect on the past.

Although the past six months have been incredibly intense, I am thankful for the opportunity to have pursued an education…to have left a legacy…to have learned about the depth of human interaction….and to have pushed my personal limits of understanding.

To My Family….thank you for your constant love and support that you have extended to me…for drying my tears and reminding me of the purpose of such a pursuit…for giving me the grace when I had to say no to family fun in order to make space for homework….and for standing by my side through every step. Thank you. Here’s to the next adventure- Nursing School!

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