Life Changes & Friday Fundraisers (Guest Post).

(By Jennifer VanderStoep)

There’s nothing that could ever prepare someone to hear the word we all dread. Two syllables. Starts with a C. And pierces like a dagger, stealing the oxygen from the room and draining the blood from your head so fast there is no space for a single thought. . .




We heard it.
They said it out loud.
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to be exact.
And then the rest is like mush to the ears.
Words like … genetic, treatment, long road…
Because HOW could that strikingly handsome, strong as an ox, fearless warrior leader of a man be struck with something like this.
It’s too unreal.
But it’s happening.
And then began a long, dark week…
It’s taken me 9 days to have the words to share here. But now we are ready. Because we know we can’t fight alone and because God has made His presence so fiercely known there is NO WAY we can keep these stories of His faithfulness for ourselves.
So be ready… because you are going to see a story unfold like you’ve never known…. I trust and believe, THIS will be an epic journey.

You can follow with us at

Or Caring Bridge – Craig Vanderstoep


Fundraiser TONIGHT!!

Let’s help raise money for Craig’s treatment! Join in a fun evening of food and fun. We will have tacos, Aguas frescas, snow cones, cotton candy & more! The kids can play in the water feature and we will have bounce houses TOO!!!!

Craig Vanderstoep, an amazing husband and father of six, was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The treatment he and his family have chosen is in Mexico and must be paid for upfront, all $50,000+. Please join us in coming together to help support them while having a great family friendly night out. Plus we will get to love on and encourage Craig and each member of the incredible Vanderstoep family before they leave for Craig’s treatment in just 2 weeks.

We will be selling tickets for the food and drinks ($1=1 ticket)

1. Mouth watering pork tacos with pineapple salsa, cotija cheese,

and cilantro crema – 3 Tickets

2. Watermelon slices with option lime salt – 1 Ticket

3. Aqua Frescas and Bottled Water – 1 Ticket each

4. Snow Cones – 3 Tickets

5. Cotton Candy – 3 Tickets

6. Tres Leche Cupcakes – 3 Tickets

7. Cheesecake Cupcakes – 3 Tickets

Friday, August 31st from 5-8pm

Bertelson Park in El Dorado Hills

Follow the VanderStoep’s story on Facebook @Hopeandhealingforcraig

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