The Weekly.

Friends- Happy Monday!

It’s been a while and I have missed you all! Come to the table, pull up a chair, and let’s enjoy a story together….


The past few weeks have held so much, it’s hard to know how to put it all into words. I finished my second term of nursing school, had a relaxing 10-day break, and am now into the second week of the third term of school! The past three weeks have held so much beauty and growth for me…digging deep into some broken areas of my soul, accepting God’s healing and grace in those areas, and now seeing my life in a way I never have before. I am thankful for this journey…this journey that has taught me about suffering and how it presents the opportunity to learn perseverance, which works to produce character and ultimately grows HOPE within me (Romans 5:4).

I was blessed to get to travel home for spring break to be with my family….the journey brought about lots of laughs, good food, comfy days, long conversations and walks at the lake, and refreshment for my soul. It was just what I needed to rest, refresh and refuel for the journey ahead of me!


*Successfully finished last term, wrapping up some two-part theory courses and finishing my rotation on Bone Marrow Transplant/Oncology, which I learned so much from. Today marks the beginning of week 2 of our third term in nursing school- Acute Care. I am officially 42% nurse now with approximately 7 months and 27 days until graduation! They say that this term is the hardest as it will remind us of the frailty of life in a whole new way…it’s this 12-unit class that will teach us how to respond in crisis, when code blue echoes through the hallways. This term will teach us what to do, how to respond and how to not miss the moments of extraordinary intervention.

Here we are, 32 of us humans…nursing students who have a passion for compassion, who are willing to spend countless late nights and early mornings and weekends away from friends and family to pursue a career and a calling that seeks to heal the broken, the marred, the oppressed, and the victimized. To practice this beautiful collide of science and kindness and to meet people in their most vulnerable moments when life sweeps them out from behind and leaves them breathless. So sure, I can see how this term could be the hardest, the most dedicated, the one that nearly breaks us…but the gain is priceless. To be living our dreams is priceless. To be a part of saving lives and partnering with the hand of God to watch Him do miracles- that is priceless.


* Love this cute maxi dress from Amazon- Under $30 and perfect for adding to your spring and summer wardrobe!

*This song– it’s been on repeat around here lately. The beautiful reminder that our scars have purpose and they tell of His great story in our lives!

 Goals for the Week:

My passion project for March was a sweet blessing…I had the opportunity to bring flowers to a friend who had touched my heart in a special way these past couple months. She would text me almost weekly and send me encouraging Bible verses and remind me of my purpose and God’s work within my life. I encourage you to consider who has blessed your life recently and has touched your heart in a special way? Find a way to reach out and offer up the two most profound and potent words you can offer- Thank You. Kindness is a beautiful thing and it creates the ripple of grace that our world is so desperately in need of.

*Ballet Class!!! Yes, it’s my little secret that I was hesitant to share with others thinking I would get strange looks and questions asking ‘why’, but here I am sharing my little secret with you. Last week I signed up for my very first ballet class! It’s a 10 week NOVICE ballet class through the local ballet company…I called the office multiple times to make sure that it really was a novice class, as in I have never taken ballet in my life and I am about the most clumsy 22-year-old you’ll ever meet. She assured me- no experience necessary and she reassured me every time with a gentle smile that I could sense beyond the phone line. The link to sign up was penned on a sticky note- it sat on my desk for a week and I conveniently overlooked it every time I sat down to check email, or do homework, or write out these words in a blog…but there it was, that reminder of something that sparked my interest and made me feel a bit like a giddy little girl- so I did it! I signed up… because life is too short to not embrace those things that make us sparkle. I walked into that first class, my heart palpating, palms sweaty, praying that I wouldn’t be the only other 22-year-old who randomly decided to throw myself into the beautiful act of grace and strength in ballet. God is so good friends! I met another 20-something who too was stepping into this space with great intimidation and courage. So, here’s to 9 more weeks of learning this beautiful art of combining grace and strength and femininity.

*Embracing what’s right in front me. This week, I want to be dedicated to pursuing the beauty, the relationships, the opportunities, and the learning that lie right in front of me.

Praying that you all have a fabulous week and that you would remember that the world is desperately depending on YOU to show up for your BIG, BEAUTIFUL life!





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