The Weekly.

Friends, Happy Monday!

It’s been a while…this night shift thing has got me living on a whole new schedule where every day feels like Monday, today is yesterday, tomorrow is today and yesterday is tomorrow!

To start us off….a little encouragement from Jennifer Rothschild about living in the present and embracing all that’s within….

Be present where you are. Today is the only day you can attend to. You are here right now, in the present. You can’t get to tomorrow until today is done. That’s why you must choose to be present where you are. Fully attend to today—its joys, its struggles, and its challenges. If you focus on what may happen tomorrow, you will have no peace. But, if you fully live in the present, you will have peace. Why is that? Because God is present in the present. He is a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1), and in stress or craziness.

God will be in your tomorrow when you get there. But He is present in the present with you now.

Academics & Adventures: 

*Week 8 with 24 days left until graduation…job applications are sent in, interviews are pending, opportunities are being sought out, life decisions are being prayed over, and I’m waiting– waiting to feel His peace moving me forward in a job, a location, a church, a people group. Praying with great anticipation of what’s to come in this next season of life.

*I’ve been on Labor and Delivery for 4 shifts now and have helped welcome several tiny humans into the world, have been in awe of the miracle of childbirth and the honor that it is to partner with families and the hand of God in welcoming new life into the world. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and I feel confident that this patient population is where God wants to use me in my work as a nurse. I am excited to move outside the role of ‘student nurse’ and be able to practice the full extent of my nursing license.


*Love these Pom-Pom Slippers from Old Navy! Perfect for these cozy winter days that we’re moving into.

*This Walnut Scrub is on my list…all the good skin stuff!

Goals for the Week:

*Be present….with so many big life decisions the horizon, I find myself so easily looking to the future with fear and angst. So this week….I want to be intentional about practicing the gift of presence….being in the moment and embracing the gift of today without the concern for what tomorrow will bring. Choosing to lay aside my fear and angst and believe that I serve a God who holds my yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Can I challenge you to do the same? What if we practiced the gift of presence together…let hurry and worry fall off our shoulders…made the choice to TRUST God and believe in His goodness for us. What if we lived in this?! I am convinced that great things would be accomplished and we would live led by compassion and founded upon the truth and goodness of God.


Love to you friends & blessings on your week!


2 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Paul Rogers

    Oh Lindsey Marie, how I long to be, under a tree just you and me…Oh the time will come for us all to make decisions, but be still and know, that the greatest decision to be made you have already accomplished when you received your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ many years ago. Too get to watch you bare your soul to others and extend the love He gives you is the greatest gift God could give any Father. You are so special to me and I celebrate every bud of fruit your branch produces. Love you Sunshine, to the Moon…and Back!

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