The Weekly.

Good Morning Friend.

It’s been a while, so pull up a chair, grab some coffee and come to the table…


Can you believe it? A New Decade. 2020.

A New Year full of new potential, new opportunities, new hope, new relationships, new adventures, new perspectives

And with such joy comes the potential for new disappointments, new regrets, new missed opportunities, new heartbreaks, new spaces in life, new lessons learned.

This season for me…this season of celebrating the accomplishment of graduating nursing school, of looking to the future with wonder and curiosity about what the days ahead will hold, of studying for my board exam, of sending out applications like it’s my full time job, of coming home for Christmas, of cherishing sweet time with my family, of celebrating this season of Christ coming, of learning to slow the chaos to make room for the Christ….in this season, I hold such sweet joy.

And in this season…this season of letting go of a title that I’ve carried with pride for over 16 years-student, of waiting on God to bring me a job, of waiting on God to show me what state I’m called to live life in, of waiting on God’s direction to lead me in this season of change, of finding that I may have lost sight of part of myself in this crazy journey through nursing school, of finding that my priorities need to be re-adjusted, of finding that my soul is weary and hungering for rest….in this season, I hold sorrow. 

And then my pastor goes and says this…

A mark of our spiritual growth is when we reach the capacity to hold both sorrow and joy together and come to realize that we can only do this by viewing the present in light of eternity. -John Mark Comer

These words…these words that gave my heart hope and grace in this messy space in life where I toggle between having sorrow clenched in one hand, questioning the goodness of God, and having joy clenched in the other, giving thanks for His great grace and provision through it all.


In this new decade, in this new space in time that our lives occupy, let us not be surprised when the season of blessing is accompanied by a wrestle with sorrow and let our hearts not miss the hope of His goodness in the seasons so filled with despair.

Academics & Adventures: 

So, no I don’t know where this nursing journey will take me quite yet…I’ve sent all the applications, had all the interviews, emailed all the recruiters, and now we wait. and pray. We choose to believe that God is good even when we don’t feel Him working. This choice to believe in His goodness has been my humbling wrestle this month, but here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it for your courts.

I head back to Oregon this week to take my board exam after a beautiful, restful month at home. I also have a sweet tiny human in OR that I can’t wait to meet when I get back this week…more to come on that:) Learning to embrace this waiting space and trying to learn how to slow this type-A, perfectionist, people-pleasing, over-achiever down in order to be thankful for this space of rest…wish me luck!


*Oh My Goodness… love this Fleece Lined Quilted Utility Jacket from Nordstrom! Friends, this cozy jacket is 40% off right now!

*Got this cute skirt from the JCrew Factory store for Christmas! Offers a professional and flattering fit and it’s 60% off right now!

Goals for the Week:

*Choose to believe in His goodness and see the purpose in the waiting.

*To embrace an adventure that brings pure joy to my soul!


Love to you friends & blessings on your week!


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