You & Me & 23


Today…this 14th day of February…this day that celebrates love with chocolates and flowers and fancy dinners and kind words…on this day, I celebrate life. I celebrate the breath that God gave me and the beauty that He has surrounded my life with. This day marks 23 years of breath…of life…of adventure…of God’s goodness and grace.


Today I reflect on years past and dream about the years ahead. At 23, I’ve accomplished my dream of becoming a nurse, I’ve lived with new people and in new cultures and I’ve expanded my horizon. I’ve wrestled and I’ve waiting and I’ve learned more about God’s grace. I’ve made new friends and I’ve learned to be a better friend. I’ve learned when to let go and when to hold on tightly. I’ve learned the beauty of walking in the rhythms of His grace.


Today I’m choosing to celebrate…Celebrate what the past 22 years has brought to me and look ahead with great anticipation for what this 23rd year will hold…Celebrating the 365 days that exist in-between…the days where passions were pursued…where mountains were conquered…where love was felt…where friends were made…where God was good…and where the messy taught the beauty of grace and inner strength.


This will be a year of new beginnings, a year of new perspectives, a year of becoming and beholding what I never thought was possible. This year will be about learning to dream again, learning to love again, and learning the art of laughter and adventure. While the days ahead hold many unknowns, things and places and people that I’ve never dreamed of, I know the One who holds my heart and my hand and who leads me on the path of life…so, it’s just you & me, God and this year of being 23.


xoxo, Lindsey 

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