The Weekly.

The Waiting….

This space between the bitter cold of winter, with it’s icy and snowy blunder and the warm grace of spring and summer, with rays of sunshine and warm sand beneath the feet. This space where we want to dream, expand our horizons and step into something extraordinary…but where we find numbness, cynicism and the struggle to do even ordinary things.


Through my waiting season…waiting for a job, waiting on where I am to be planted in this season, waiting for His leading in future hopes and dreams….through this season, God is teaching me about this long discipline of surrender that is waiting. This place where every day is an opportunity to receive grace, give love and establish a rule of life that isn’t based on hurry or productivity or potential, but instead based on calling, purpose and living out all things in light of eternity.


And so I wake today, incredibly thankful for this season of waiting! Sure I have my days of feeling broken and cynical and numb, but when I renew my mind to His Truth, I realize that this space is not meaningless. This space of waiting, this discipline of surrender, this walk of obedience…it’s all producing within me a peculiar glory.


So friend, what waiting are you facing today? Waiting for test results, waiting for prodigal children to return, waiting for a baby, waiting for a spouse, waiting for God’s hand of intervention…no matter what your story of waiting, know that it is meaningful and producing a great work within you. Let us face these winter seasons with HOPE, believing that today holds enough of God’s grace to draw us into those spring and summer seasons.

Career Beginnings & Life Adventures:

*Living life and learning to embrace adventures (FREE adventures) in this space as I apply and interview and seek and wait for a job!

*This past week’s adventure took me to Echo Lake near Lake Tahoe…where the beauty of the snowy landscape against the bright blue sky made my whole world sparkle. The lake was frozen over and against the advice of my caring father…I walked all over that frozen lake- haha!



*For all my prego mamas, this Floral Tie Maternity Dress would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe…comfortable, fashionable, and oh so sweet for you and your baby bump!

*Love this One Piece Swimsuit with its scalloped edges and feminine flare!

Goal for the Week:

*I enjoyed my personal day this past week….spending time in a beautiful home on a golf course, sipping iced tea and enjoying a soak in the hot tub. Breaking through the quiet was hard, but purposeful. Thankful for the time to enjoy the quiet moments, indulge in a few of my favorite things and wait and listen for His voice.


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,



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