The Weekly.

Good Morning, Friends!


Wishing that I could sit across the table from you today, each of us with a slice of pie, with wonder in our eyes and with cherished conversation shared between us….but today, these days that we live in- these days are making history and we’re now sitting across from each other with screens and whole worlds that stand between us. And somehow with the distance- the social distance, we seem to be closer, more connected, more compassionate, more caring, more willing to go slow and join in on the conversation.

So friends, in the midst of this time riddled with fear and uncertainty, let’s embrace the opportunity to share compassion and kindness….to have cherished conversations with friends and family….and to be creative with this space in history!

Career Beginnings & Life Adventures:

image_9353cfdc-8845-4550-9dca-a8684220b86e.b8294f1c-1a59-4fc3-9b39-a266ead89f66This season of waiting for a job, waiting for my nursing career to begin…this waiting space has turned into my battlefield. While I feel like a qualified soldier, so desperately wanting to share compassion and mercy, to help mend the broken, to be a nurse… I wait here on the sidelines, wondering why I haven’t been called up yet. In these days of wrestle, when I’m searching for the answers to my waiting, I remember that there is purpose to be found in my sideline battle. And so, I pray…I pray for my friends & my future colleagues as they stand on the frontlines providing compassionate care to the sick. Because when plagues descend, prayers must rise up.

And I mend in a different way…I mend with a needle and thread and stitches and fabric and I make these masks, these shields to send to my friends who are on the frontlines, to protect them in the battle they face.


*Lovin this sleeveless dress from Target…a little something to remind you that spring and summer are coming soon!

*I love these bralettes from Aerie~ so comfortable and so feminine and they are on SALE!


A Little Encouragement to Send You Off Today….the Faith of a Four-Year-Old~ let this challenge you to remember what’s TRUE!



Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,



2 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Oh my sweet, the “wait” will soon be over. God is preparing something beautiful for you. Although the waiting period is so very hard, your perseverance in faith and determination to continue to seeking God’s purposes is working for you an eternal glory that will far outweigh the temporary things of earth. I’m continually blessed by your inspiration and faith. He is doing a great work in you. We Love you and are praying 🙏

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