The Weekly.

Morning, Lovely!

Today I prayed for you…that you would know His great love for YOU, that you would be confident of the purposes that He is developing in and through you, and that you would keep your mind set on Him….



This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the pieces of life that surround me…wondering what my life has come to be…questioning my decisions and begging God to show up, to come through and to remind me that my story still matters. It seems there are pieces everywhere I turn in my life, when really all I am wanting is something whole. I question – will I be a good nurse? Will I ever get to live out my dream and feel purpose again? What is it that this season is meant to teach me? Lord, refine this delicate heart of mine. 

Pieces of me trying to win the respect and approval of those around me…trying to meet the expectations of success…wanting so desperately to be in His will and to let my story bring Him glory…

But maybe I’ve missed my chance. I am weeping, staring at the pieces.

How much guilt are we carrying unnecessarily?

How many of the things we use to judge ourselves are pieces that don’t need to be mended in order to do this life thing well.

I’ve got to let go of them and believe I did the best I could. Which, incidentally, might just be enough.

He wants us to learn from Him and to have hearts that are humble enough for Him to teach and brave enough to trust Him, to love us even when we get it wrong.

He didn’t come so that we could get all the answers right.

His plan is so much better than that.

-Angie Smith

Ah, yes…I remember, His plans are best. His plans are good. His plans reflect promise and eternity and aren’t measured by earthly standards. 


So today…choosing to press into the pieces of life…the pieces that don’t make sense…the wondering and waiting and choosing to see it as a building of my story. Choosing humility and bravery and facing the day as His beloved daughter, cherished in His sight.

How might God be challenging you to see the pieces of your life as His great building of your story?   



*This Lace-Trim Cami is simple and sweet and oh, so feminine! 

*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Mineral Essence– Minerals are vital for everything in our body. This is a powerful, fully balanced mineral tincture and is the perfect way to supplement needed minerals! 


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. So, so beautiful 🥰 yes and amen to every vulnerable word. Thank you sharing. You already know I join you on this journey of discovering how He is using all the pieces of our lives to bring Him glory ❤️ so thankful for that gift. Love you with all my heart xoxo

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