The Weekly.

Good Morning, Lovely!

a story for you this morning…

I sat in that autobody waiting area with my hands folded at that 8am appointment, quietly awaiting my car from it’s changing of the oil. Four chairs down sat a curly-haired little girl, whom I gathered was the daughter of one of those guys with overalls and greasy hands. Her curls bounced with her every step in an attempt to keep up with the bounce of her energy.

I sat with my book…this book called Gentle and Lowly…and I read about the heart of Jesus. “The heart described as ‘Gentle and lowly‘. Tender. Open. Welcoming. Accommodating. Understanding. Willing.”

And this girl…she slowly makes her way down to me…now three chairs down and she asks my name. Now two chairs down and she tells me hers. Now one chair down and she asks me…”do you have any children?” And I respond with a ‘no’ and gently tuck that book mark into my book and slip it back into my purse, for I could see this opportunity welling…this opportunity to walk in the heart of living gentle and lowly. And so, I invite her in, I ask her questions about school and she shows me her light-up shoes, and tells me about her brother and her dad and what she brought for lunch…all the things that make up the life of a five-year old!

And then she says this, out of nowhere….she says ‘I hate my mommy. She beats me and I get really scared….”

And my heart sinks. My mind searches for the words to say to this five-year old who is desperate for compassion. Her demeanor changes. Her curls seem to sink down a bit and I watch as she curls inward. I extend out my hand and cup her little fingers within mine and remind her that she is loved and that she is important. Then she peers into my soul and says ‘I wish you could be my mommy’….

I wrestle with this burning lump within my throat and remember the words I just read….”Tender. Open. Welcoming. Accommodating. Understanding. Willing.” And I gently squeeze her hand a little tighter and remind her that she’s loved and I pray that I share the tender, open, welcoming, accommodating, understanding and willing heart of Jesus with her.

We pull out her coloring book and we color together, trying to make beautiful, what feels so messy and broken.

And I leave there with a hug and a smile goodbye and her memory sticks with me…and I pray that even just for an instant, that she felt the gentle and lowly heart of Jesus through our interaction.

So, friend, what ordinary moments can you look up for this week that God might be calling you to come gentle and lowly into?


Everyday…learning so much and constantly humbled and blessed to care for mama’s and their babies in this space. For all my medical people, I placed my first IUPC and FSE this week, administered an amnioinfusion and helped welcome two sweet baby boys into this world! This work is physically exhausting, mentally and emotionally draining at times, but there’s no other place I’d rather be than to be walking in this purpose as a L&D nurse!


*Love, Love, Love this feminine floral ruffle dress! Breathable material, flattering cut, and oh so cute for all your summer events!

*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Vitality Drops~ Kickstart your day the natural way! Add one squeeze of either flavor (Jade Lemon or Spearmint Tangerine) to 8 ounces of cold water for a clean energy boost backed by nature!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

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