The Weekly.

Good morning, my friend and Happy New Year! 


At the flip of the calendar, the start of another year, with all the resolutions and dieting programs, and pressures to post your ‘before’ picture with grand expectations of what your ‘after’ picture will look like…These pressures all seem a bit loud. And as I’ve reflected on the past year and been challenged to hope in the new, the discipline of hiddenness has become a message that my heart yearns to hear. This discipline of hiddenness that John Mark Comer describes as being good for all, but essential for those of us in public roles, stating that we must have a spiritual life that no one sees, as Jesus did. For seeds germinate in darkness. The fetus develops in the darkness of the womb. And in a culture that appears to value dominance, celebrity, recognition and public affirmation, I need to learn to value hiddenness

Funny thing that I’m finding that the more I learn about Jesus, His theology and His ways, the more my heart is quieted to value the hidden moments with Him. The hidden moments that strengthen and equip me for the work that He has set before me to love well.

My prayer in this new year….Lord, If I’m too attached to being seen, hide me in you. Teach me deep things in the hidden spaces with you and let those spaces of value give me the strength to love people well. 

Career Adventures://

One month off orientation and I’ve learned so much! I can’t explain how thankful I am for this space in my life…this space to learn in a challenging, yet healthy environment, this space to meet new friends who are equally as passionate about their career as I am, this space where I get to personalize the care I provide and this space where I get to participate in the miracle of new life. As we’ve stepped into the new year, I’ve been reflecting on my journey, where I am and how I got here. And although the road has been marked with closed doors and unanswered prayers, my heart carries with it so much hope and gratitude for the journey that has led me here. 



*Mama and I went to see the new movie, American Underdog this past week…Friends, this movie brings inspiration, hope and revival. A must see for the new year!

 *Young Living Essential Oil Highlight: GLF essential oil~ as you purge the Christmas cookies and rich foods, your liver is working overtime to cleanse and rid your body of toxins. Using GLF oil over your liver (upper right abdominal space) before bed can help cleanse your liver and can help with toxin release. I’ve seen some big changes in detox when using this oil~ I am happy to help answer your questions and get you started with all the goodness~ You can Join Our Young Living Family here! Use my member number (3054715) at checkout to save 24% off these already discounted products and become a part of our Young Living Family! 


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

4 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Kristine

    I’m very drawn to this concept of being hidden….of seeking God in quiet places and letting Him pour into me. Of not having to put on a performance or share every sweet moment….not that the change inside won’t spill out into other things I do, but that I don’t need to justify every decision…I can just be confident that I have that peace in my heart, and that’s enough….thanks for sharing! Always an encouragement and inspiration to me!

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  2. Sharron Ricketts

    Hello Lindsey, Thank you for your beautifully worded posts. You inspire me. This year in BSF we are studying the gospel of Matthew. I just finished my questions for Matthew 13 as Jesus speaks to the people in parables. Your insight in hiddenness was so on the mark for this chapter as Jesus does go to hidden places with His message touching hearts of those who want to learn and know Him. Love and hugs, your friend in Christ, Sharron

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