The Weekly.


Good morning, Beautiful! 

Thanks for being here, for showing up week to week and for sharing in my story…which is really God’s story that is being told through my life. Your responses, your texts, your encouragement and exhortation mean a lot to me, and I am so very thankful for YOU! Whether you’re one that I hold dear, one who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing in a coffee date with or maybe you’re the one who found these words through a connection on this crazy thing we call the internet…either way, know that I am praying for you as you read these words and I pray that this story that I’m living out encourages you to tell your story too, because it’s where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet that God will do extraordinary things. 


If you’re new around here, I’ve been talking a lot about reflection and my focus for this year being to honor the hiddenness.… those deep spaces within me that might seem ordinary to some, but those places where extraordinary work is being done- the roots of this story itself.

And when they asked in my small group, what are you most excited for in the year ahead?

growth in stability, I said.

Some answered with practical changes, new jobs, new places, new people, new spaces, some with spiritual goals and personal ambitions, and there sat my answer which seemed to lack so much luster and might compared to the goals and ambitions surroundings. Growth in Stability

And yet, there in that space I realized the gift of being able to honor growth in seasons of stability. My career, my finances, my academic goals, this life I’m living, stable and secure~ a resting space. But I can’t help but feel the urge in this season, to be intentional about learning the beauty of growth, the below the surface growth that can happen in such a season of stability. Where my goals may not be lofty, my outward experiences and happiness not Instagram worthy, my practical changes not so apparent to the onlooker…. but this place of stability where I feel God doing an inward work like none other. One that moves me to tears. One that heightens my senses to the beauty that surrounds. One that is shaping the core of my being. One that will forever change me more into the likeness of Jesus.

And in this expression, my friend encouraged me with…don’t get discouraged when it feels like your life from the outside isn’t exciting to share, because the inward work that God is doing is going to be great and lasting and YOU will know it’s happening even when others don’t. Rest there, my friend because it’s preparation for what is to come….

And so, I say the same to you, my friend…. if you feel like your learnings, your growth, your life overall feels a bit quiet compared to the lofty goals and ambitions of those around you, know that there is a peculiar glory that is being inspired within you if you choose to find that growth in stability….

Career Adventures://

Read this in a staff post last week and thought…this is it. So very thankful for this role that I get to play, L&D brings the best of the best and the worst of the worst and I’m here for every minute of it…


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Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. Tracey Scharffenberg

    Lindsey…Thank you for sharing the “I’m just a nurse post”. It was very powerful. Thank you to all the labor and delivery nurses out there. You were amazing when I birthed my babies many years ago.😊


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