Mountain Adventures.

Hello Friends!


There is something so amazing about the fresh mountain air that brings peace, clarity, and laughter! We are so blessed to live close to Lake Tahoe, with its beautiful lake, fresh mountain air, and family activities for both the summer and winter seasons! This destination is one of my family and I’s favorite places to escape for the day and find refreshment.

Yesterday, we expanded our mountain adventures by going hammocking near the lake. We have frequented this particular spot many times, but only during snow season. It was becautiful to see this wooded area with wild flowers and greenery all around.

We finished our hammocking adventure and day trip to Tahoe by having a late lunch at Base Camp Pizza in Heavenly Village. Which, by the way, is the BEST pizza place in the world!

Good food, family memories, laughter, sunshine, and refreshing mountain air…

3 thoughts on “Mountain Adventures.

  1. Mike Graff

    I love the idea of this blog, love the pics from Tahoe, love the memories they bring to mind, love basecamp pizza !! But most of all, LOVE THIS FAMILY !!!! Thanks for letting us share your journey.

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