Monday Must-Haves.

Academic Tidbits…//

*Gestalt Psychology- there is more to perception than meets the eye.

*Speaking of perception, what are you facing today, that if you changed your perception, would change your behavior and ultimately change your outcome in life…?

I’ve Got My Eye On…//

* Love This Adorable Bow badge holder! Perfect for my future as a nurse…

*Practically Perfect in Every Way… The perfect comfy tee for all your Disney adventures!

*Love This Worship Hatperfect for these hot summer days- cute and functional!

Internet Inspiration…//


*Delivery man goes above and beyond to make boy’s dreams come true….talk about how a change in perception can impact someone!

* Four siblings raised in poverty, ‘beat all the odds’ and earn master’s degrees. A real life story of how perception of our circumstances in life has the power to determine our outcome…no matter how bleak the situation may appear.


*Planning for a family trip to Disneyland!!

*Finishing up my Bachelors in Psychology with two weeks left! Study…study…study!

*Three months until the start of Nursing School…refreshing on my A&P material, purchasing scrubs and badge holders and all things nursing, and establishing some healthy routines for self care, before the intensity of Nursing school hits!

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