A New Adventure.



So my friends, the time has come for this new adventure to begin. This adventure that will lead to the start of my career, the continuation of my passion to care for the sick and needy, the act of leaving home for the first time and spreading my wings, and the adventure which will require bravery to be born within me, in the very places where fear and anxiety exist so deeply. This adventure where prayers are needed, dependence on God is the sweet melody of HOPE singing over me, and where these rocks of prayer are stacked to remind me that my GOD, the ultimate ROCK, is that which I stand upon and that I have prayer warriors who offer up prayers of strength and courage for me.


img_20180914_084442863_hdrAnd there it was. My whole life, all boxed up and tightly packed into the back of the Rav4. (Although, my closet at home is still quite occupied with clothes- thank you Old Navy and Ambiance!) Could it be that 21 years of life and all that’s been collected along the way, could so neatly be packed up and sent off on a new adventure? I guess so. We packed it up, shed tears over the reflection of sweet childhood memories, and drove 10 hours to this new adventure. We laughed, we cried, and there may have been M&M’s involved!


Our destination came soon enough. We unpacked and created cozy corners and spaces that would occupy my future studies as a nurse. We discovered the beauty of this new city that I would be living in. We attempted to learn the route of public transportation in this crazy new place. And we embraced family time spent together, drinking the best hot chocolate in the world, laughing and crying all at the same time, and embracing every emotion present- fear, wonder, excitement, anxiety, doubts, certainty of the purpose, and anticipation for what the next 15 months would look like.

When they drove away in that Rav4 that previously carried all my boxed up life possessions, I cried, they cried. Tissues were definitely necessary. But we chose to believe in the HOPE of this new adventure. HOPE that we will all be reunited again soon. HOPE that God has each of us set on this journey, this mission for a divine purpose.

So, my sweet family, let us embrace this season of change as we learn to cling to the HOPE and PEACE of Christ like never before. Where we learn to give ourselves grace in the change. Where we embrace the tears and let ourselves feel the effects of our great love for one another. You are my best friends and I can’t wait to share this journey with you and see how God uses each of us to reach those in our spheres of influence.

Here is to being brave in the midst of fear….for heroes are not fearless. heroes are brave and bravery requires fear. and fear is born of loving something enough that its loss would break you. And here’s to knowing that although we are separated by 632 miles, our hands and hearts will forever be one.


2 thoughts on “A New Adventure.

  1. Carol Sorgea

    Precious Lindsey, your words are always insightful and full of Godly wisdom! You are an arrow being launched in an unfamiliar direction and yet our mighty savior is ordering every step! He has been preparing you for such a time as this. You are going to change so many peoples lives even as yours is being changed right now. I am praying tonight for you and your precious family as transition of this magnitude is never easy. You are set apart, called on a journey to glorify our Lord with your servants heart and although the details are unclear to you at this time, every step
    has been set and ordered by the Good Shepherd . May you feel his loving embrace as you walk hand in hand on this exciting adventure and know that on days when it’s needed, he will carry you on his shoulders!
    Carol S.❤️

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