Monday Must-Haves.

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying the start to a new week. Here are my Monday Must-Haves and some updates on my new adventure in the northwest!


* So here it is folks! Eight books and hundreds of dollars later, and I’m off to my first semester in nursing school! Here’s to a great academic journey ahead!


I’ve Got My Eye On:

Love, love this midi dress.   It’s super comfy and great for this cozy fall weather AND it’s under $20!

* This Jade Crystal Facial Roller is a new product that I have found a great interest in. Adding this product to your skincare routine can help with under-eye puffiness and draining the lymph glands.

* I love this lace cami for layering under cozy cardigans!

Motivation for your Monday:

* Heroes are not fearless. Heroes are brave. Bravery requires fear and fear is born of loving something enough that its loss would break you.

How are you embracing bravery in love today?

* “When you are brave, you give yourself the gift of facing and touching the torn places.” – Ann Voskamp


* Today is the first day of nursing school! The next 15 months will be full of long study sessions, hundreds of flash cards, new friends, scrubs, and the foundation of my future career as a nurse.

* Goal for this week: Visit one of the beautiful national parks in the area for a picnic.

* Just thought I would share my view from the tram up to the school or nursing…






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