Creating Beauty.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Exactly one month ago, I ventured to this new place, meeting new family and friends, starting a new school, beginning new adventures and challenges, and stepping bravely into all the newness. And as I sit here on the porch, watching the leaves fall off the trees around me and as I type these words of reflection, all I can do is sit back and let His breath fill my lungs, thanking the Lord for surrounding my life with such beauty.

Beauty that I could have never orchestrated on my own. Beauty that I simply stand in awe of every single day that I get to live this life and fulfill my calling. From the simple blessings of having a dog to cuddle up with, to making friends and exchanging a fist bump with my bus driver every morning, to meeting old friends for coffee in new places, to passing all my Safe Medication Administration exams with 100% on the first try, to being taught in nursing theory how to truly practice empathetic and compassionate centered care. This beauty that wells within me a heart of gratitude. This beauty that seems to surround me on every side, proving that God sees me and knows my longing for such.

And so, this morning as I was getting ready for church, I stumbled upon this necklace that I’ve had for many years and I thought its message was appropriate in reflecting on this beauty that God has surrounded me with.

Create Beauty.


And this message again surrounds me and reminds me that He is both creating beauty in and through me and that I have the opportunity to extend that by creating beauty in all my interactions.


And I stand in awe of these simple blessings that surround my life with beauty….

“The Cheech”- The best cuddle bug and listener a girl could ask for
Early Morning Saturday Adventures with the Cousins to the Famous Pip’s Donuts & Chia!
When the clouds look like this everyday above the hospital where clinicals are at…His creates such beauty. And you’re surprised that Oregon is known for its rainy weather, because friends, it has only rained ONCE since I have been here! I guess I brought the 70 degree Cali weather with me!
And the nursing school coffee shop, just happens to be called ‘Nightingale’ with inspiring quotes from Florence Nightingale surrounding. Just another simple thing that God knows will make my heart flutter!


During week 2 of nursing school, we had our Commitment to Compassionate Care ceremony. In that large auditorium, there stood hundreds of nursing students, our voices in unity as we read this oath…this commitment to compassionate care in nursing and our understanding of the audacious task that we have been given to cultivate beauty in vulnerable spaces.


And so, tomorrow marks the beginning of week 4, where there will be midterm prep, our first lab simulation, flu shot clinics where we, the students will be giving flu shots to the public (YIKES!), and much more. More of this creating beauty…being observant enough to see God’s hand of beauty around me and being brave and bold enough to engage in the cultivation of such.


So I challenge you….to ask the Lord to surround your life with beauty. To be active and responsive to that beauty which He has created and will continue to create within and around you. And then let that cultivation of beauty change you, to make you more like Him.

With Love & Thanks,


4 thoughts on “Creating Beauty.

  1. Carol Sorgea

    So beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for the reminder to look for and create beauty! Thanks for sharing this incredible journey with us! He who has called us is faithful!❤️

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  2. Stacey

    Thank you, Sunshine! You inspire me more and more to look for God’s Hand all around me…..thank you for being His instrument and allowing Him to use your story. I give Him great thanks for all He is doing in and through you. Love you xo

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