The Weekly.


*Hundreds of flashcards and mind maps and notes…I’ve attempted to memorize the intricate workings and disease diagnosis of 4 body systems and over 100 pharmaceuticals and their interactions, classes, therapeutic effects, and side effects!

*Three midterms to go this week….feeling prepared and excited to take on the challenge and be one step closer to being a nurse!

For When I Have A Nurse’s Salary://

*These adorable bow hair ties are perfect for the messy bun look (which has been very common for me lately!).

*This winter hat is definitely on my Christmas list! A fashion staple in the winter.

*I am really intrigued by this FabFitFun  subscription! My aunt just got her winter box and it was full of all kinds of goodness….maybe I’ll have to splurge as a end of term gift to myself 😉

Goals For The Week://

*Finish first term of nursing school…4 more terms to go!

*Go to the Grotto and experience the Christmas magic!

*Attempt to fly home without getting lost along the way….ha!

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