Give Thanks.

What a wonderful season of giving thanks. This time of year when family and friends surround and we feel the warm embrace of love and thanksgiving.

img_20181122_081935087 I was blessed to get to spend this past weekend with my family at a friend’s beach house, as we celebrated Thanksgiving. Our time together truly embodied the act of giving thanks. We embraced one another….gave long hugs….took morning walks on the beach…ate good food…enjoyed the gift of laughter….and we shared about our stories, our journeys apart from each other in this big world.




We rediscovered the treasure and beauty found in family and gave thanks for God’s gracious gift within.


img952612We enjoyed the sunshine and made footprints in the sand. Enjoying the simplicity of time spent together.

img_20181122_162448840_hdrWe reflected on God’s goodness…His grace and lovingkindness extended to us…and we attempted to fully grasp the depth and beauty of His promise….

img9525901His beautiful promise that reminds us that we are loved…that we are known by Him…and that every detail of our lives, He has orchestrated into a beautiful masterpiece.

What more can we do but give thanks.

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