The Weekly.

Happy New Year Friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season, celebrating with friends and family. I certainly enjoyed a break from school, while getting to embrace devoted family time on wild adventures. Feeling a bit of the holiday blues, having to say goodbye to family and jump into the thrawls of nursing school. Praying for motivation to push on in this new year and embrace the seasons of transition that await.


*Second term of nursing school starts today! 10 weeks of focus, full schedules, 10 hour clinical days, and making dreams come true.

*This term is focused on chronic care and my clinical rotation will be in bone marrow transplant. Can’t wait to share my stories with you all in the process of becoming a nurse!

*My new word for this week: Senectitude def: Old Age

Part of my new year’s challenge is to learn and incorporate one new word into my vocabulary every day. Word of the Day Vocabulary Builder is a great app to use if y’all are interested!


*Got this Fitbit Versa watch for Christmas and am LOVING it!! It has so many great features like alerting you to incoming texts/phone calls, tracking your exercise routines, daily steps, and heart rate.

*I am really loving these cozy slippers from Target! They just might help me get through these holiday blues 😉

Goals for the Week:

*Make a calendar for all upcoming school assignments

*Schedule a personal day for January

*Finish reading ‘My Name is Hope’ by John Marc Comer

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