The Weekly.

Just had to share a pic of this cutie, Cheech! The best study buddy!

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday.

The start to another week…Another 7 days of adventure, of possibility, of wonder, of challenges, of overcoming.

May we keep our eyes open to the beauty that each day this week has to bring!


*First day of clinical on the unit was successful. I learned about the gift of presence. How powerful it can be to simply listen….to hold someone’s hand and tell them they’re safe….to find purpose in a life story that seems so tragic.

*And of course, added a few more medications to my memorization list!


*This Bamboo Pen seems to be very useful for taking notes. Many of my classmates use this on their ipads to take notes on the many, many, many powerpoint lectures we have 😉 I’m thinking I might need to invest in one of these!

Goals for the Week:

Last week was tough, but my goals were helpful in pushing me forward and inspiring me to be intentional. I was blessed by my day of sabbath- I enjoyed worship and good fellowship with sweet friends…an afternoon nap…homemade cookies…and a good hallmark movie. I also took a bubble bath and it was amazing! Candles and hot tea, a good book and some chocolate- it was perfect! I also accomplished my passion project! This month, my ‘passion project’ was to serve the couple (my aunt/uncle) that I am living with by rubbing their feet. It took an incredible amount of courage to present, but they were receptive and it brought some very special moments of conversation.

Goals for this Week:

*Meet a new friend for coffee!

*Continue to practice sabbath and maybe enjoy another bubble bath!

*PRAY FOR SUNSHINE!!! This winter weather in the pacific northwest is killin’ me…I need some sunshine!








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