The Weekly.


Friends~ Happy Monday!

Thankful for each of YOU this week. Thankful that I can call you a friend and that you allow me the honor of sharing my journey with you. Thank you!

So begins another week- “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” Unknown

What first step are you going to take this week that will help you to fully live out God’s purposes for your life?


*Clinical last week with my first assigned patient went well! Got to meet a man whose life carried with it a story way beyond what might be perceived of a dying man in a hosptial bed. He was fighting, but never once considered himself a victim. He was strong, but never too strong to accept help. I learned some powerful lessons from that man about life and about truly living in the midst of a great fight.

*This week’s skills include learning how to care for wounds and insert catheters! Super excited to learn these skills and start practicing them!


*Loving this cute floral print hoodie! Super soft and it’s under $20!!

*These tennies are super cute and have a unique look to them! With my future job, I need all the cute comfort for my soles that I can get 😉

Goals for the Week:

Last week was successful- long, but successful. I enjoyed meeting a new friend for coffee, enjoyed another day of sabbath and had one whole day of sunshine!! The winter weather here…just variations of gray…has been constant. BUT, after school last week, I noticed the glistening of sunshine peaking in through the windows. Grabbed some tennies, threw the hair up, and out on the trail I was. That glistening wonder brought such joy to my soul! Praying for some more of that soon.

Goals for this Week:

*Practice self-discipline with my time, efforts, and activities.

*Pre-Midterm Blessing- as I did last term, in an effort to decrease cortisol levels during midterms, I will be handing out MnM packages with little notes of blessing and thanks on them to my bus drivers. It was a huge blessing to me last term to be able to take ordinary interactions with a bus driver and turn them into something extraordinary.

*Learn how to embrace LIFE in the midst of nursing school and not merely make nursing school my life….

May your days be filled with God’s beauty and grace this week!



4 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Love the sunshine picture!! ;-)) So proud of you…all that God is showing you, the ways you continue to find Him in the simplicity and kindness of handing out MnM’s to bus drivers to the joy in finding those cute tennies to the definition of “strength” found in the beauty of another man’s story! Love you so much. Thank you for continuing to share your journey. May God continue to bring forth the “sunshine” in numerous ways xoxo

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  2. Shannon Snyder

    Hi Lyndsey,
    I sure do love hearing about all that God is doing in your life. I’m so looking forward to seeing all the great and marvelous things that He does in you and through you. Also, I was wondering if and when you post some of your “must haves” that you could post your size and maybe a way for me to send it to you. I would love to gift you something now and again.


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