The Weekly.



Friends- Happy February!!

A new month…a month where the world celebrates love and all things pink, and flowers, and chocolate…but where my heart longs to know the love of Christ more and more.

“Let all that you do be done in LOVE” 1 Cor. 16:14

Inspired by this verse this month as it sits on my mantle and speaks truth to me….in a world that speaks of love so freely and diminishes its power….praying that the LOVE of Christ would dwell richly in you and I and remind us of the great story of His love.


*Clinical was heavy this week as my patient was young and fighting for her life. She had a sweet 6 year-old daughter and had a story like no other. It was incredible to be able to listen to her, to help care for her needs, and to help protect her dignity in the midst of it all.

*We also had a lecture this past week on Transgender Affirming Healthcare, which brought with it some interesting conversation, to say the least. I saw it coming on the schedule and went in to lecture prayed up! In all honesty, it was hard….hard to hear that people would go to such great extents to change their body, designed in the image of God.

Fast heart rate, sweaty palms, questioning look on my face- this righteous anger was burning within me.

Such a discussion led me to digging in deep to some scripture and uncovering what it looks like to face such a topic as a believer and a future healthcare provider for all patients. It’s this learning of extending love and kindness, while standing firm in faith and not wavering on the truth. It’s walking as Jesus did…in His example of living out love….of overcoming evil with good….of standing in Faith….of leaving judgement up to God.

My prayer….may these conversations on gender identity also shock me. I never want these conversations to become so normalized. God, always let this shock me and remind me of the beauty of Gospel Truth.


*LOVE this sign and the beautiful reminder of truth that it brings! The print is $9.00 and can be printed in various sizes! A lovely addition to any room.

*Super cute and cozy pullover, perfect for these chilly winter days.

Goals for the Week:

Last week brought an awakening of gratitude….thanks for God’s great grace and love for me….thanks for the Truth and that foundation that my life is built on….thanks for this season of being stretched and challenged to love the unlovely.

Goals for this Week:

*Midterms this week! Praying for a strength and eneregy to sustain me through.

*Laugh a little more…embrace long talks…read a good book…and tell your family you love them!

May your days be filled with God’s beauty and grace this week!



One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. Happy birthday month 🎈🎂❣️😘
    Thank you for your genuine sharing…the tension is real…we live in a world that often is confused and lost when it comes to the true meaning of love and identity. So thankful for the compassions of Christ that give us our true foundation of how to love. “We love Him because He first loved us.”1John 4:19

    Thank you for the beautiful reminders💕 so blessed to celebrate YOU this month 🎈

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