The Weekly.

Friends- Happy Monday!

Another week awaits. Another 7 days of God’s goodness and grace. Praying that in this winter season you would feel the warmth of the SON, no matter where you are.


*Clinical was fabulous this week! I got to take a patient to his radiation treatment where we were able to spend several hours together and engage in meaningful conversation. It brought such healing for the both of us….we reminded each other of the hope of living….the hope of pushing forward and the hope of tomorrow.


*Love these sweet and simple slides! Can you tell I’m planning for summer?!

*I really enjoy this rose clay face mask. It leaves my skin feeling soft and gives it a healthy glow!

Goals for the Week:

This past week was intense…the halfway point…full of studying for midterms, long nights and early mornings…and lots of prayer-and caffeine! I spent many of my early mornings with hands folded, heart bowed, and mind yearning to feel His peace…to know His silencing of my anxious heart and feel His confidence in my spirit.

I enjoyed some beautiful snow fall here which added to the adventure of it all. Took some long walks at Luscher Farms in the bitter cold, watching the sun rise, glistening on the freshly fallen snow. Thankful for those quiet moments of grace and beauty…

Goals for this Week:

*To walk in a spirit of positivity, looking to see God’s goodness through it all.

*Bake something yummy!

*Celebrate another year of life…another year of living in God’s glory and grace.

Blessings on your week! May you feel His purpose and peace as you journey through all that this week may bring.



2 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. William Snyder

    Hi Lindsey, Thank you for giving me the chance to be blessed by agreeing to allow me to send you a gift once in a while. It means a lot to me. Do you have an address where I can have things delivered to you? If you aren’t comfortable with that, I could have things sent to me and then send them to your mom. Just let me know.

    Sincerely, Shannon Snyder

    Sent from my iPhone



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