The Weekly.


Friends- it’s Monday and that means I have another weekly update for you!

This past week was a week full of choices. A week that challenged me and pushed me forward in my faith, my relationships, my passions, and reminded me of my ‘why’.

This video inspired me many years ago when I first began pursuing nursing and I returned to it this week, remembering the purpose of this work and the beauty that is found within.


*Clinical this week proved to be both challenging and fulfilling. This week I was reminded of my purpose and my passion in caring for the vulnerable, the broken, and the unloved. I helped usher a patient into death this week and watched this young patient gracefully let go. Although the process was hard to watch, it also reminded me of why I am here and why I am passionate about caring for the sick.

*Finished midterms this past week and have 4 weeks left of this term! Excited for orthopedic/neurology and Labor & Delivery/Mother Baby Unit clinicals next term!


*This eyelash miracle worker, Babe Lash was recently introduced to me and I have seen the results first hand- this stuff works! It lengthens lashes and promotes the appearance of thicker lashes- it’s truly amazing!

*This bath dream bamboo bathtub caddy is perfect for those lovely bubble bath nights! It is the perfect addition to any bubble bath and gives you a place to hold your cup of tea, a good book and some candles!

Goals for the Week:

This past week challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways. It reminded me that I have to choose…choose joy…choose gratitude…choose grace…choose connection…choose vulnerability….

Thankful to have accomplished my goals this week in celebrating my birthday, enjoying some baking, and embracing quiet time…and lots of good bubble baths!

Goals for this Week:

*Embrace connection and relationship with others

*Continue to practice sabbath and stay committed to this practice



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