Dare to Dream.

It’s Friday, March 1st, 2019.

This morning before class I noticed that there seemed to be an unusual buzz at the school of nursing (SON). I looked around and noticed signs all around the SON indicating undergraduate nursing interviews being held on the 5th floor. Then I saw it…

…Individuals dressed in professionalism, gripping tightly onto blue folders at their sides. I could feel the nerves, the angst, and excitement in the room. I could see the courage and bravery of their bold faces and I remembered….

Thursday, March 1st, 2018. 

I journeyed my way to the school of nursing. I followed the signs that led me to the 5th floor for undergraduate nursing interviews. I observed the beauty of the building and the building of what could be my future.

I was dressed in professionalism, talking with the other interviewees, trying to make small talk, trying to find courage in the midst of fear. I gripped my blue folder tightly, careful to protect its contents, as if it held life-preserving truth inside. I felt the nerves, the angst, the excitement. I stood in courage and bravery and hope.


That was me. One year ago, today. I was the one enduring a 5 hour long interview process, watching and waiting, praying for His peace, and wondering if this was it. Wondering if this would be where I would pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.
Friends, I stood in the lobby of the SON today with tears in my eyes, remembering. Remembering that that very chair that I sat in with sweaty palms and racing heart in preparation for my interview, is the very chair that I sit in now, drinking chia lattes while studying with friends and having lunchtime discussions about our future work as nurses.
Remembering the level of trust that it took for me to say no to a nursing program that I had been accepted at, only to pursue this option….this option that had no guarantees, that had 500 applicants competing for 32 spots, that was 600+ miles from home…but this option that God was relentlessly drawing me to.
Remembering all the efforts of those who have supported me on this journey to becoming a nurse…who have prayed for me and challenged me along the way.
And as I sit here, reflecting…watching the 2019 candidates await their destiny while I live out mine, I want to say to them…
Dare to dream, friends! Life is too short to take the easy way out and settle for things. Live your passion and be willing to sacrifice your time and efforts to make that a reality. Whatever happens, whatever truth that blue holder folds for you, whether accepted or rejected, know that you’re journey does not end here. It’s just the beginning of a discovery that you will never forget.
And to YOU, my friends, DARE TO DREAM! I wouldn’t have imagined one year ago that I would be sitting where I am with the opportunity to pursue my passions in this way. Don’t let the ‘good’ opportunities in life and your commitment to such, distract you from God’s ‘best’ for you. He wants to surprise you, so wait in expectancy for whatever He is preparing for your ‘blue folder’! And above all else, never lose sight of HOPE.

“Look and watch– and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5



2 thoughts on “Dare to Dream.

  1. Gosh darn, girl ♥️ I so cherish the memories that day holds. As you walked through that very long interview process, I sat waiting on the other side of that “blue folder” wondering, praying, actively anticipating the idea that you, my daughter, may be walking that same campus God was giving me the opportunity to walk as I waited, and how I remember the nudge He had impressed upon me, that I’d better be praying for each inch of ground I had the privilege of stepping foot on.
    And then, our journey home, over the rainbow!! Only God! So incredibly blessed to have shared the journey with you. So very proud of you ❤️ so very thankful for God blessing my life with you ❤️ Congrats. You’re doing it!!

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