The Weekly.

Good Morning, Friend!

This morning, as I rest in bed with the clock reading 7:00am and I, in no hurry to wrestle my way into the world, realized that today I wake as a whole new person….

one who no longer holds the title of student

one who no longer has to show up to class, or check-in with faculty, or post my assignments

one who needs not to fret over the anticipated midterms and finals

one who’s schedule no longer runs on the academic calendar

one who is no longer a slave to the night shift

grad2Today, I’m simply a girl….

one who holds a new degree

one who looks to the past with a sweet memory and looks to the future with great hope

one who proudly wears the title of nurse

one who anticipates greatness in the days to come.

Academics & Adventures: 

*Can you believe it?! This week marks the first week of my life without the student title. 22 years of life, 2 associates degrees, 2 bachelors degrees and this is it….a bit anticlimactic, but this is it!

*Saying goodbye to this season of life has been and will continue to be a challenge and  one that requires great courage and grace. My academic journey has been incredible and I am so thankful for all that it has brought to my life. And yes, there may be academic pursuits for graduate school in the future, but for now….I give thanks for the years of dedication and learning, for the educators that have supported my journey, most importantly my homeschool teacher- my mama, for her countless hours of dedication to the growth of my heart, mind and soul, and for the blessed and the broken moments of life…for these things God has used to shape my life and my being. It is with great hope and a trembling trust and fear in God, that I look to the future and believe that He has great things in store.


*Post Graduation with no job yet….no money, no must-haves….ha 🙂

Goals for the Week:

Still working on this goal from last week and feeling as though this might be a life goal needing to be continually pursued, constantly reminded of, and gracefully lived out….

*Be present. In seasons where change is anticipated and the outcome is unknown and the present is full of excitement and wonder….in those moments, I sometimes forget to breathe deeply and embrace the present. So this week, with the closing of this thing that I’ve been pursuing for practically half of my life, with the questioning and wonder of what’s to come….I want to soak up every moment, being fully present and enjoying this season of celebration without carrying the worry of tomorrow’s change. Lord, let my heart be fully present in the gift of today and let me hand over my expectations for tomorrow to You.



Love to you friends & blessings on your week!


3 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Paul Rogers

    How Beautifully written my Dear. May He give you that peace today as you venture with a Dear friend to reflect and celebrate your journeys and GREAT accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS SUNSHINE! LUMA,

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  2. Trisha Lediard

    Congratulations ❤️ I have enjoyed your inspiring posts throughout this journey. Your faith in God is so strong and a joy to read. God has a plan for your next stepson this journey. Bless you Lindsey 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Boy, Girl! You know how to tug on these heart strings!! 😥💕😘

    Standing in the “waiting” with you! Transition and change are hard and it’s real… BUT GOD! HE’S the SAME, Yesterday, Today and Forever. He has plans for you and a beautiful promise and direction… waiting…just around the corner 😘 Hold on, stay steadfast in prayer and continue waiting with great anticipation of the marvelous things He is going to do. Love you so much ❤️

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