Graduation Day.


This Day….Graduation Day!

This day that’s been worked hard for and dreamed of, for as long as I can remember.

This day that’s been prayed for and passionately pursued.

This day that will lead me into a career of passion and compassion.

This day that marks the end of a huge chapter of my life and the beginning of something new.

What a celebration this day was. With the sweet support of friends and family, I crossed the stage and received by bachelors of science in nursing! And just like that, a lifetime of academics, hours of dedication, thousands of dollars spent, many a tears, lots of laughs, and beautiful memories….in the seconds it takes to have your name called out, to walk across the stage, to shake those hands, and to have your moment….just like that, a dream became reality.

It’s beautiful when this happens in life…when a dream really can become reality. But it’s hard too….the closure of one chapter and the quick beginning of the next, the emotions tied to change, the friendships come and gone, the waiting….but there’s a beauty in the quiet when all the clapping quiets, when the grades are posted, when the excitement of it all becomes a memory and when real life hits.

Learning to embrace this space of celebration, this time of rest, this time of giving thanks for what was and what is yet to come….

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