The Weekly.

Happy Monday, Friend! Grab a seat at the picnic….


Honesty Here Today….

These days, these days are hard. These days of quarantine, of watching and waiting and wondering, looking for answers and reasoning to too many questions…these days are hard.

These days, these days are tiring….they exhaust the want in me to feel and with every passing moment, I long more and more for Home. Home…not the place with 4 walls, stucco, and a roof, but Home…the place where Heavenly hosts sing their song of glory, where communion with Jesus happens in His presence and where peace remains without trial.

In this space…

I’m longing for much.

The unfolding of spring during a pandemic, as He commands the leaves and the flowers to push through winter, to wake up through dirt, offer declarations of His steadfastness alongside the longings. I need this evidence of glory in this time of waiting. I need reminders of His purposes and His beauty as I flit from longing to be home, to the longing to leave, to the longing for healing, to a longing that will emerge from this time not looking like the old “normal,” but something else. Like unbalanced scales that can’t find rest, each of my unsettled attempts to measure what’s missing points to one shared truth: Every longing is rooted in the unmet, unfulfilled recognition of more….

And my best days, those when my longings quiet down and I instead see the glory and the miracle and the majesty, are the days when I abide in Him most closely.

As we emerge from this pandemic—as we come out of the places we’ve been, and begin going to the places we remember, we’ll still be waiting. But that longing can be tamed by abiding while we’re still here.

This decision to remain, which we’ll know more deeply from these weeks at home, is the very thing that saves us.

-Marnie Hammar

So friend, as you wait, as we wait, let us choose to ABIDE, because that longing will remain and can only be tamed by abiding in our first love, Jesus.

Career Beginnings & Life Adventures:

*MOVING DAY is this Thursday! If you’ve followed our journey up until this point, you know that we have prayed long and hard for our house in the mountains to sell. This story has been quite a journey, filled with hurts and healing, pain and pleasure…this home has held special moments of grace and truth and will forever hold a special place within our hearts. As we move into this next season, we look ahead with great excitement and hope for what the days before us will bring! We are excited to continue sharing our journey with you…More to Come Soon!


*Valor has been my go-to oil this week! I rub this goodness on my wrists and chest…it gives me all the courage and calm that I need to get through the day!

*Loving this Camo Print Dress from Target~ and it’s under $25!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

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