The Weekly.

Good Morning, My Friend…

Sharing a smile today from me to you. Thanking you for being the faithful listener that you are. For reading my words, my prayers, and for being a part of my journey on the weekly.


YOU are essential, my dear! Your life matters. Your purposes matter. You are essential to me and I am forever grateful to have you along this journey💕

Career Beginnings & Life Adventures:

*Blessed to get to spend some time on the coast this past weekend…celebrating family, celebrating laughter, celebrating this crazy thing we call life!

*In the midst of the crazy of 2020, remembering the importance of laughter, the importance of spontaneity, the importance of dreaming and loving well….

The smiles, the hugs, the laughs, the beach life…these faces & these hands have stories, have beauty and hardship that their brave souls have endured. And when those days of rest come, those days of quiet reflection, those days of sweet, unexpected joy….we give thanks together and enjoy the days in-between all the hard.


*Loving this Floral Ruffle Dress…can’t wait to wear this cute dress to all the summer fun that’s ahead!

*We had our Young Living Essential Oil Convention this past week and have SO many AMAZING new products to share!! Check out This link for all the goodness! The Bloom skin care, savvy minerals concealer, and One Heart Essential oil are definitely on my list! If you’re interested in getting started, comment below and we’ll get you access!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

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