The Weekly.

Good Morning, My Friend…

Sharing some words from a wise woman today…hoping that in this space, as we all wait for something, that her words encourage and inspire you to see the growth and greater purpose that comes out of our waiting…

“There is a time for everything, and yet —


Waiting for the right time, can feel like everything is going wrong.

You can bet on it these days, every morning when we rise and look at the calendar, we think: How long, Lord, how long?

 How long till we all get to breathe even a little bit easier?

The sacrament of waiting can feel the hardest of all.

They say waiting is the drumming of impatient fingers, the unbearably slow watching of the face of the clock, the long sitting in front of indifferent calendars that have minds of their own, and you keep hoping for something to change your heart cracks.

Hoping can feel so much like hurt.

But, the brave and battle-weary will flat-out tell you, if you’re waiting in front of a stretching calendar, waiting beside a hospital bed for any kind of stirring, waiting for the word you need to finally turn off this endlessly-stretching dead-end road, waiting for change that is moving slower than old molasses frozen in the depths of December, you know waiting isn’t an uninvolved twiddling of thumbs because you have felt it:

Waiting is a a herculean widening of everything within you into a canyon — that can fill with a rising ocean of hope.

Hope is a buoyancy — and waiting is what splits you wide open to fill with the rising waters,  so everything can rise. So you can rise.


Waiting isn’t passive — waiting is passion: waiting is loving long enough to suffer.

Waiting is the patience of the long suffering of letting go. Letting go of the plan, the dream, the map, the vision. Letting the ground of things, the things that you made your ground, letting them give way.

Waiting is a letting go to let something grow.


The combine is waiting in the shed for the wheat harvest to come. 

Our early hours can all be the same, day after day, before the throne of grace: our hands may seem tied, but our knees never are.

And those empty squares on the calendar are always harshly blunt. I try not to think how so much of this year has been waiting. Hoping. It can feel like hope is running out.

All this waiting isn’t destroying us — the waiting is growing us.  

Nothing is lost in the waiting process — because waiting is a growth process.

Waiting isn’t loss — it’s enlarging.

The longer the heart waits, the larger the heart expands to hold the largeness of the abundant life.


Waiting is a kind of expecting — expecting to have the capacity for hope and pain and love and life all expand.

I turn toward the sky and feel it:

The waiting is widening us — so Hope is never running out —  but more hope in Christ is running in.

Waiting is gestating a greater grace.

Waiting is the sacrament of the tender surrender, the art of a soul growing large.

And it’s true, even here: 

Life has no waiting rooms — life only has labor and delivery rooms. Waiting rooms are actually birthing rooms and what feels like the contraction of our plans can be the birthing of greater purposes. 

Every waiting moment is heavy with the weight of glory and all our waiting midwifes a fuller life.”

Career Beginnings & Life Adventures:

*Dressing up in PPE and doing my part to serve up a smile behind a mask, a friendly voice and kind eyes, a gentle answer to demanding questions, and a listening ear to the hurting, scared, and blaming. 



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Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

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  1. Letting go in surrender to the perfect plans and timing of our Perfect God! He is never early and never late! Thanks for sharing these encouraging, insightful words of blessing ❤️🙏

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