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Pain or Pressure? 

Baby few minutes after the birth

The phrase I feel like we say over and over again in that room where we labor and deliver new life~ do you feel pain or pressure? That phrase that requests a response that promotes an action. That phrase that often times tells us all we need to know when it comes to birthing and becoming. If pain, we change the current state by intervening with additional comfort measures, position changes, counter pressure and medication adjustments…Because in labor, although pain is purposeful, if the body isn’t supported well throughout, it will tense, muscles will spasm and the mind will become distracted on the purpose for which the pain is present- therefore, there must be a pivot. And if pressure, we check for an open cervix, and if so, we push into that pressure and we birth a baby and a mother…That pressure leads to a becoming like none other and the end result is a silencing of the pain and an even stronger sense of the purpose for the pressure.


As I’ve grown in my understanding of clinically knowing why we ask this question and what action we need to take as nurses in responded, I’ve come to parallel it to life and this journey we walk in our re-birth as believers and in our becoming to look more like Jesus.

The pain…maybe the consequences to our sin, our stagnant nature and lack of spiritual depth, our want for control over our path to success, our attempts at putting on a show to make it all seem okay….this pain, God wants to use it for our sanctification and His glory, but if we stay steeped in it for too long without a pivot, we’ll become tense, bitter and tired and our mind will become distracted on the purpose for which the pain is present.

The Pressure…maybe it’s the accountability of a loving friend, the conviction of the Holy Spirit within you, the hardship within your family, the persecution you face at work, or maybe it’s the compelling that you feel inside of you to speak up, stand for, and write on the passions of your heart but the fears and doubts linger near by…this pressure, God has placed you amongst these various pressures for a purpose that you might learn to grab hold of FAITH and STRENGTH in the spirit. And in this, you’ll find that in the process of pushing into the pressure, you are re-born in Christ and continue a journey of becoming to look more like Him.

2 Corinthians 4:9 “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed”


So, my friend…pain or pressure? Is God calling you to pivot or push-into? Because acknowledging this question and knowing how to respond, are essential to our becoming.


Learning so much everyday….

I was approved to go off new-graduate orientation at the end of this month and will have my first shift on my own on March 31st! Excited and nervous to be walking into a whole new level of independence in my nursing career. Pray for my future patients- ha! Enjoying each new day and all that it offers and learning to care for myself in my days off…this career of compassion can be draining and I’m learning in a whole new way what it means to set boundaries with people, practice self-care and engage in the quiet moments.


*Loving this adorable skirt from Amazon, perfect for all the beautiful spring days we’re having here in Cali!

*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Thieves Household Cleaner!  We use this goodness for all our cleaning needs and it brings such peace of mind knowing that it’s non-toxic to our bodies and effective in fighting against multi-drug resistant bacteria that might be present within our home. Keeping the bugs out and our home and bodies safe from chemicals!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. Kristine

    Such a beautiful and powerful parallel to how God is working in our lives. After reading this I feel like I have some digging to do to look at my own life and see where God is asking me to pivot and where he’s saying push through. Thank you for sharing your heart! Excited for your new work adventures! You are going to be amazing!

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