The Weekly.

Good Morning, Friend

Spent the beginning of last week enjoying some reflective time at a quaint bed and breakfast in Sutter Creek! The quiet space, the time to read and respond, the time to notice….what refreshing time it was.

Friends, wherever life leads this week, will you take the time to sit and notice? Will you take the time spent in quiet to listen and respond to the voice of God and His leading in your life? There is a holy space that is found in the quiet and a nurturing of your soul that can only be done in such a place…explore that place my friend and be renewed!


It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been off orientation now and I’m loving every moment….Learning so much everyday!


Got a sweet staff shout out for my first solo delivery as the primary RN….helped a family welcome their first, a sweet baby girl! What a joy and honor it is to walk through the vulnerability of childbirth with someone and be a part of a day they will never forget. I too, will never forget.

I am enjoying establishing my practice as my own and am learning the art of integrating my doula work into the labor room as a nurse now. Adjusting to my evening schedule and learning to appreciate all the day time adventures and quiet time that it allows for.

Learning to appreciate the value of a calm schedule with no homework deadlines or stressful midterms…it’s a different world outside of academics and with my job being stable now, I see that I am entering a season of nurturing. A season where God’s prompting me to relearn what my loves, my longings, my passions, and my sorrows are….a season of nurturing this heart of mine that feels a bit worn and weary from the journey, but one that is so ready to find renewal and regrowth! More to come on these adventures that await me….


*These adorable sandals are on my list for summer must-haves! They are on-point for summer fashion and budget-friendly!

*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Lavaderm Spray With summer months approaching and bug bites and sun-kissed skin awaiting, this non-toxic spray is a must-have! It’s cooling and healing for those sunburns and takes the itch away of those awful summer bug bites. You’ll want to stock up on this goodness for all your summer adventures!


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. So beautiful 🥰 there is much growth that comes from a season of nurturing! So thankful for this space you are in and the blessing it is to watch you flourish! “Be Still and know that He is God”. May you find refreshment as you draw close to His heart and the beautiful ways He wants to care for you. All my love, mama xo

    NUR’TURE, noun

    1. That which nourishes; food; diet.

    2. That which promotes growth; education; instruction. Ephesians 6:4.

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