Nurses’ Week.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

-Henry David Thoreau


This profession. This calling that’s had my heart’s passion for more than half my life. This pursuit that brought challenges and joys, longings and loves, pain and purpose. This career that I get to live in everyday…partnering with the hand of God to welcome new life into this world. This is it.

This week as we celebrate Nurse’s Week in honor of the lady with the lamp that started it all, Florence Nightingale, I am honored to stand in her legacy and continue the tradition of this work of compassion.

This work brings trauma and tragedy, but it also brings with it such splendor and honor. An experience this week…as I held her hand, rubbed her back and looked deep into her soul, reminding her of her strength as she labored….she tells me in between long exhales….”I’m so glad you became a nurse. Because I needed specifically you here today with me. I couldn’t do this without you.” And my eyes tear up behind the mask and the COVID goggles, because I need her too….to accomplish this purpose, this passion and to share compassion, I need her too.

As we celebrate the work of nurses this week, I am honored to stand side by side along some of the most compassionate people I know and to get the privilege and great responsibility of pushing forward in this work of compassion and care.

The Journey…

4 thoughts on “Nurses’ Week.

  1. Oh! How I LOVE THIS!! I love that you have documented your journey and reflected on the path you’ve had to get to this specific time and place in life! Such a beautiful testament to God’s faithfulness, to His provision and to His Shepherding over your life. Such an encouragement and inspiration to witness. Thank you for sharing. So happy for you and proud to call you my daughter 😘 Happy NURSE’S WEEK!!

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  2. Sharon Jones

    Just beautiful Lindsey!! We are so grateful for your heart of nursing as you walk daily in the path God has chosen for you!! You truly are Jesus Hands and feet in this world we live in!! Thank you for bringing light to our world!! Love, Sharon Jones


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  3. Carol Sorgea

    Beautiful Lindsey, graced with many talents along with a heart for others filled with loving kindness, the heart of our Lord. I have been so blessed as an outsider watching this journey of hard work, waiting, watching, and wondering when God would open that special door that He was all along preparing you for. I am so blessed to know you and see into your heart for service that He gave you and the open doors He created making it possible to walk out His marvelous calling. I’m so blessed by your journey, the few times we’ve got to share over tea/coffee and thank you for keeping your eye on the prize so that you could see that God is faithful! Blessed are those to get to be ministered to by our Lindsey!♥️ Happy Nurses Day!🩺♥️

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