Grace, Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Lovin’ this encouragement from my mama on her new adventure of Living in Rhythms of Grace…

Rhythms of Grace

So, where do I start?!  What should be the first entry?  My prayer for months has been, “God, I give you thanks for Your inspired Word, for filling my heart to overflowing places of Gratitude and for Your all-sufficient Grace that supplies for all my needs. Please show me what you’re calling me to.  May I be an instrument in Your hands to bring encouragement and hope to others.  May our story be used for the sake of furthering Your Kingdom and may You receive all the Glory.”

And yet…..I hesitate….I wait…..I pray…..I pray some more….I delay my obedience to what I feel God has called me to begin.  Quite honestly I’m finding myself to be fearful.  Fearful of starting something new….something that requires some creativity (which until recently, I believed to be “dead”)….fearful it will not be “good enough”…..fearful I simply don’t know where to start, somehow in my…

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