The Weekly.


Good Morning, My Friend! Today I begin with words that I have found to bring such strength and encouragement to me on this journey…when the waiting felt unbearable, when hope felt distant, and when my dream of being a labor and delivery nurse felt crushed as a waited for a job…these words held wisdom…

Life has no waiting rooms– life only has labor and delivery rooms. Waiting rooms are actually birthing rooms and what feels like the contraction of our plans can be the birthing of greater purposes. 

-Ann Voskamp


It was Sunday night, the night before the big day….the day that I would start my labor and delivery RN job! Excitement, nervousness, wonder, anticipation…all these things raging within me as I prepared to embark on this journey. 

While I thought all this night had to hold would be a cozy dinner with family and our Sunday night routine of popcorn and a movie…this night held for me a miracle to embrace. A miracle that was expected, but could never have been so carefully and beautifully planned. On this night, my doula client…my last doula client who was approaching 40 weeks, whom I thought I would have to hand over to my back-up doula…this precious mama, she birthed her baby! In those precious and fast-paced moments, as we labored in their home and prepared to welcome new life…my heart burst with wonder! 

As that mama birthed her sweet baby….within me, HOPE was birthed. Only God. Only God could orchestrate the timing to be so beautiful as this….to so graciously close the chapter on my work as a doula and so powerfully have that to propel me forward into my work as a labor nurse. 


My words fail to illustrate the magnificence of this story that He’s creating in and through me…but my friends, my hope is that you see that His handiwork is exhibited in the ‘birthing rooms’ of life. And whatever that contraction is that you feel today…He is producing within you a peculiar glory, so take heart and await the miracle…

Career Adventures: 

*This week began my journey as a L&D nurse! I focused much of this week on orientation modules, touring the unit, reviewing simple tasks of IV starts, blood draws, and learning how to get blood out of my scrubs 😉 I am so excited to begin my work with this amazing team of nurses and have the chance to join their OB squad. Here’s to much learning and assisting in the beauty of everyday miracles! On to week 2…



*Loving this Cooling Eye Cream from Tula. I recently started using it to help with dark, tired, under-eyes and it is amazing! Provides a cooling sensation that brightens the under eyes and makes you look alive! 

*Essential Oil Goodie of the Week: Dragon Time Essential Oil– oh my goodness! For all the women suffering from PMS, you NEED this! This oil is amazing for soothing stomach cramps and helping to bring a little calm to the inner dragon that comes out during menstruation 😉 


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

6 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Amen, amen and amen!!
    God truly holds the very best plans for us and His timing is always, exactly as He knows is best! Learning to trust more of our circumstances over to Him everyday. Your journey is such a wonderful reminder. Love you 😘

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  2. Sharron Ricketts

    Oh Lindsey, What a wonder our God is to you. You have such a powerful testimony of the LORD leading you and providing for you. Thank you for sharing this with us, your BSF group. God is growing hope and faith in me personally reading your blog. Love to you and your precious family. Congratulations. Finding blessings in Jesus, Sharron R.

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