The Weekly.

The Best Year Yet…


So maybe you wouldn’t use these words to describe the past 362 days. Maybe it hasn’t been a year of “success” or the great fulfillment of “happiness” or a year where you met all your resolutions. Maybe it’s been a year where you lost someone you loved, you lost that job you had worked so hard for, you lost your home in a wildfire, you lost memories and experiences and time spent with people…for in this year, we have each lost something of our own….but what have we gained? 

As the world screams at us to forget this year, to put 2020 behind and say hello to a new year, 2021 with the promise that somehow with the flipping of a calendar page, we’ll once again find great happiness and success….

….in all of this conversation, I can’t help but question- what does the turning of a calendar page mean to the suffering, the trial, and difficulty that this year has brought? Have we given up and only plan to start trying again once that number changes from 2020 to 2021? Have we learned nothing in the past 362 days, that we consciously are choosing to say no to growth and discomfort, only to pursue once again the happiness and success that never actually has made us happy in the first place? 

This Guy Says It Best… as he shares passionately about how 2020 was God’s rumble strip to us…the guardrail, the safety device, the wake-up call to the fact that we have been living apart from our first love~ Christ. 

My own journey through 2020 has reminded me that my pursuit of worldly success is empty, amounting to nothing more than broken promises and a bitter heart. When God shook my world, graciously reminding me of the danger of the idols I had put up, only then, did my heart find JOY and redemption. Because the wake-up call is always meant to bring us back to the ultimate good~ God. 

So my friends, as we begin another year, another 365 days, let us not have wasted the year of 2020~ the year that brought such pain and grief, but has the possibility to be the year that we found grace and redemption in Christ. 

What will you choose to have gained from 2020? 


Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

 Lindsey xoxo

2 thoughts on “The Weekly.

  1. Thank you for posting. This is such straight up TRUTH…. amazing when we allow our perspective on something to be changed because we choose to focus our thoughts on truth….God is always GOOD and He wastes nothing. He is Sovereign in All His Ways and nothing goes on without Him fully knowing.

    I need to stay continually reminded to this message as I reflect on the last several years and move forward towards what God holds in the future!!🙏

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    1. Kristine

      Such a great reminder! I think we spend so much of our time avoiding uncomfortable, challenging, hard things, and when we are in the midst of them our only focus is how to get out to the other side. I think that’s human nature, and doesn’t mean we are doing anything wrong, BUT we can find so much beauty, growth, and new life in those hard times and I think we need to be intentional not to miss those things! Love your words that speak so much truth and life!

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