The Weekly.

Good Morning Sweet Friend~ Pull up a chair and come to the table…

Challenged this week with the idea of sabbath rest and how to find it when the world and your world all seem a bit too much. Sabbath rest….of finding and providing a space for the soul where gentleness is celebrated, where purpose is felt, and where deep roots begin to sprout. When work feels like just too much, when the summer schedule is overwhelming and overbearing and it feels like you’ve reached your limit….I’m reminded that When I am out of my depths — I touch the depths of God.

Because Joy isn’t a place on a map, it’s a movement in the soul toward the person of God.

Joy is always, simply, an inner movement toward meeting more of God. God is the goal. Home is Him. The Promised Land isn’t a place — but a Person.

And even when everything is falling apart, you are always walking a Red Sea Road through parted waters if you are walking closer to Him.

Every exodus out — is only to enter in.
Every exodus out of bondage — is for bonding.
Every exodus isn’t for an escape out of a situation — but for attachment to a saving Savior.

(Ann Voskamp)

So today as you take a step into your Monday, another moment, another hour, another day within this life, if you’re feeling a bit undone, wondering where the joy resides, and wanting so desperately to find that place of soul rest and attachment to our Savior, know that His heart yearns for the quiet space with you too. As I am learning in this season, it’s the intentionality, the choice to set aside the phone, the Calander, the expectations of others and return to my first love where home is found.

Career Adventures://

Learning. Growing. Loving. This job continually reminds me of the sanctity of life, of how in an instant a breath can bring about new life and how in an instant a breath can bring the end of life. Learning how to support the process in-between these two spaces has become my mission…to love and cultivate connection with my patients even when it’s hard. Thankful for all the learning that this job continually brings and humbled that the labor room gets to be my mission field.


*Dreaming of my future home and saw this Sign on etsy….the Good Ol’ Days! So charming and cute!

*Young Living Essential Oil Highlight: Dream Catcher essential oil~ This is a mainstay for me for getting restful sleep. 5 drops of this in my diffuser with White Angelica essential oil and it gives me the best sleep.

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Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

Lindsey xoxo

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