The Weekly.

A few words from the fanciful, Ann Voskamp today…words that I wish to live by…a dear me letter that my heart so resonates with…

Dear Me,

Lines to the person I want to be… just a few jotted down lifelines to the me I long to be:

Rise gently, to everything rise gently.

The sun knows how to rise — follow its lead.

Even if it feels like nothing is turning out as you ultimately hoped, He who is Hope Himself is turning things around for your ultimate good.

Write it down somewhere and lean into, live into, the change of this:
Eye the good. And you’ll expand the good.
Focus on what’s failing — and you’ll grow a rash of failures.

Steam in sunlight — the steam of oatmeal, or coffee, or all things piping hot — is like a soul exhale. Take the time to do this often.

You get to linger. You are a living, holy soul, not a spiritless appliance. Beloved, you get to be loved into being whole.

Get up to watch a sunrise now and then — it’s worth it. Glory is always yours to witness. Life is too short to not choose awe. Choose awe and you choose one awesome way to heal.

Gazing on glory is gloriously healing.

Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Welcoming joy is your choice. Choose well.

Eat ice cream. It’s summer  and it melts away faster than anything in a cone.

Believe that change is possible.
Believe that grace works.
Believe that today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
Don’t give up — just give everything up to Him.

Turn the worship up louder to force the worries to be quieter.

Hug your people 5 times a day. Hold them long. Life is short. Hugging people literally makes happy people.

Consistently be consistent. Grittiness decides successfulness. And faithfulness is another way to say grittinessGrittiness and faithfulness is successfulness.

Befriend endurance — if you ever want to know abundance. Stop looking for comfort in a zone instead of in the Holy Spirit. Move out of your comfort zone once a day — and watch the Holy Spirit comfort you in the very places that you once thought impossible.

Do the hard things you don’t want to do — they are holy things that get where you want to be the most.

Always, always, always: Stay in the Story.

Live in His Story, breathe His Story, reflect on His Story, let His Story shape yours, share His story, let your story be His.

And read stories — to little people, to old people, to someone — read words out loud and sit in the shared space of a bit of wonder.

Skip more of the news this week and sit with more of the Good News. Your soul needs this kind of exhale.

Drink water. Especially the Living kind. Thirst more for Him than anything else.

This is hard but healing:

Forgive to give freedom.
Forgive to give yourself the key out, forgive to give what you’ve been given.
Forgive to give what you will need to get a thousand times so you can get to go on. 

Love gives. So live given.
Love is a verb and that verb is give.
You’ve been given so much — so how can you not live given?

Give thanks and live given — this is how you get joy.

People love attention more than anything else.
So give attention more than anything else.
Lavishly give attention.

Pay attention — spend everything on attention — and you will have the best things that money can’t buy.

And when you want what isn’t happening — want grace more.
The grace that washes wounds,
the grace that carries you,
the grace that always carries you forward,
that carries you to better things around the next bend,
the grace that makes you brave.

The grace that covers all the things you didn’t do,
and makes all things into the right you hoped things to be.

Want His arms more than wanting what isn’t.

Rise gently and set gratefully — settle everything with relentless gratefulness.

Like the sun gives itself in a freeing surrender to the ways of God.

– Love me


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Love on your people & keep in perspective your beautiful legacy in light of eternity.

Love and Blessings,

Lindsey xoxo

One thought on “The Weekly.

  1. Sharron Ricketts

    Hello Lindsey, Thanks for posting these wonderful and thoughtful lines. I have a professional question about the Clara Derm you recommended from Young Living. My grandaughter, Ellie, is due the end of August, baby #3, and I was wondering what the Clara Derm is used for? Thanks. Sharron


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